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All wireless, Internet or 3G security alarm systems
960P High Definition Wifi security alarm cameras.
Control all systems with apps supplied.
All products are easy DIY

For over 15 years now, Securepro Security has been the choice of many thousands concerned about the safety of themselves and their property.

Here’s why..


The wireless security alarm systems supplied by Securepro can be set up in minutes simply by watching the videos  and checking the user guides.


You just connect the base unit to your router or insert a SIM card,
fix the sensors either with screws or Velcro tabs provided and installation is complete. Download the app called *Living Pattern’ or for 3G, ‘Secureprosecurity’ and have complete control of your system on PC, Smartphone or tablet.


With the Living Pattern App, up to 5 people can receive messages and emails for intrusions or even low battery warnings for sensors.
With the 3G upgrade, 5 SMS and voice calls will alert you for intrusions or power failure.


System features.

You have 3 options to operate and receive notifications with the Securepro wireless security system
Base unit with a 3G module so you can insert a prepaid SIM card and receive SMS ALARM notifications to 5 numbers.
You can download the free App called Secureprosecurity to control the system, Arm/Disarm etc.
OR.. without 3G module. Connect Securepro base unit to a router with cable provided, go online and have complete control with the LIVING Pattern App
Cost is just $88.00 per annum billed 6 monthly, just select option in ‘Accessories’
Up to 5 People can receive messages and emails via Living Pattern for intrusion alerts and you can change settings, arm/disarm etc. with the App.
OR… you can use both services, if power is ever cut and internet connection goes down you will receive notifications via 3G.
Just choose the 3G upgrade in Accessories


  • 128 zone wireless security alarm system Console.
  • System can monitor up to 280 Accessories.
  • Built in 100db siren
  • 6-10 hour back up battery
  • 200 metre range between sensors and base unit.
  • Easy setup
  • Just connect to your router
  • Control whole system with your smart-phone and Living Pattern App.
  • Partial arming (home mode)
  • Name each sensor/accessory, IE Lounge.
  • Home automation, turn on lights and appliances with living pattern app.
  • All accessories batteries included.
  • Also check the system event log on your device
  • Easy to set up, just watch the videos.
  • View your own cameras via App.
  • Have pets? Upgradable to pet immune PIR sensors in accessories.
Securepro Security Intro
  • Securepro 3 piece system. $390.00 Includes base unit and 2 PIRs and receive a bonus 4 button remote. $39 value. NEW! Check out our 3G upgrade

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  • Securepro 7 piece system. $590.00 Includes Base unit, 3 PIRs, Automation receiver, 2 Mini contact switches + BONUS Wifi Security cameras valued at $119.00 Wifi security camera NEW! Check out our 3G upgrade

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  • Securepro 10 piece system. $790.00 Includes Base unit, 5 PIRs, Automation receiver, 2 Mini contact switches, External Solar Siren + BONUS Wifi Security camera valued at $119.00 Wifi security camera NEW! Check out our 3G upgrade

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4 Cameras Check your home or business premises anytime whether you are there or anywhere in the world. (No need to be online, mobile coverage on your phone or tablet is fine)
  • Setup takes minutes, just connect cameras to a power point, open the free V380S App. click a couple of buttons and you are up and running.
  • ARM/DISARM one or more cameras.
  • Movement sensor
  • Built in siren
  • Clear HD images day or night. (Infrared night vision range: 10 metres)
  • Receive notifications on your phone for alarm events.
  • Insert up to 64gb SD card and record continuously or just alarm events. No limit of others using app. Need less than four cameras? CLICK HERE.

Four Camera pack just $399

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Security as Easy as 1-2-3

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Customer Reviews

We recently updated our Securepro LS-30 Alarm System which was over 10yrs old without any problems, with the latest Remote Control System which gives complete control of our Securepro Security Alarm via PC or Webehome App installed on your smartphone or tablet. You can arm, disarm, activate home modes, receive reports plus many more options. This latest system is amazing and connection of sensors was very easy. Many thanks to Rod for his support when help was required and for offering this new system at an excellent price.