ABOUT THE Living Pattern APP

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The living pattern app is an extra option to give you more control over the Securepro system however it is not a requirement to operate the system.
Cost is $88 per annum, payable 6 monthly at $44
You can have full control also with the secureprosecurity app. and Hypersecurelink software.

Not only can you arm disarm etc. but you may check past events, change all settings, name sensors and accessories etc.
Lets see…
On this page you can arm, disarm, select home mode (only selected sensors on) and clear events button. For example, if you have an external solar siren int will slowly flash to warn you when you get home that there has been an event.
The siren button is to occasionally test siren and also for initial setup of internal or external siren.
Camera button is where you can add your own camera. A 30 second clip will be recorded on remote server if system is activated and of course you can check out premises anytime.
Config is to change base unit settings, see next image.

Here is where you may change base unit settings.
Set entry/exit delays (Later you must choose sensor/s you want to delay)
Set wireless siren duration, 60 seconds default from factory.

Here is where you enter up to 5 email addresses for all notifications.
No need to enter SMS numbers as anyone downloading the App will receive messages to their smartphone from Living Pattern server.

Click on the ‘Name’ and give the sensor a name, eg. Lounge, office etc.

Click and select camera to record if this sensor is triggered.Click Config. To change sensor settings

By clicking Config. On any burglar sensor, you have all the following settings to choose from…
Bypass. Ignore sensor
Delay activation. Set time IE 30 seconds on base unit settings. This is usually for a sensor at entry where you may have our Wireless keypad
24 hour zone. Sensor always on.
Guard in Home mode. When you click Home mode on app, 4 button remote or keypad, only sensors in home mode are armed, usually at night.
Alarm with beep/relay. Base beeps befor alarm
Bell in disarm. Base will beep when someone walks past this sensor.

By clicking on Control at bottom of screen you can bring up the home automation feature.

These buttons control the wireless receiver included in the two larger packages. Just plug in lamps or appliances to the receiver.
All you do to set up is connect the wireless receiver to a power point, press its ON/OFF button for 5 seconds then press any on/off button on App screen. Note. Control as many receivers as you wish


Download the  app now to get
complete control of your security system.

You receive alarm notification messages as well as emails to 5 email address. Also emails about any system problems or sensors low batteries.

Available now on our accessory page
NOTE: Any number of your associates can download and use the Living Pattern app. and receive notifications.


**$18 delivery anywhere in Australia**Don't have internet? Click Here for our 3G Wireless security system