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is located at 6 Peachtree Close, Worrigee (Nowra) 2540 NSW and we’ve been online for 15 years.

Why buy ours and not others?

The answer is a bit long-winded but needs to be so because this is a very important question
In the past 15 years, we’ve been asked this many times, either straight out or.. by callers asking about our products. IE. have been looking around and have some questions, meaning (I’m sceptical and need to know if you and your products are genuine)
So here’s what I would like to say to callers but cannot always do so because it is considered bad form knocking competitors.
Our systems are manufactured in Taiwan, top 4 or 5 of countries for electronics. Our manufacturer has been in business for over 30 years just making state of the art wireless security systems.
98% of our opposition here in Australia buy from China. We have received hundreds of email offers from China over the years (including from all our oppositions manufacturers) offering similar products to ours at half the price.
We have always said no simply because we are a security company and not a toy store. So beware saving a couple of hundred dollars now and doing it all again in a year or two.
Thank you.

Securepro Security is the oldest online supplier of security alarm systems in Australia since 2002
In this period we have delivered many thousands of our Securepro security systems Australia-wide..
We are corporate members of ASIAL, the Australian security industry’s peak body.

So…. buy once and buy quality from a long established Australian business,
Securepro Security


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