Frequently Asked Questions

Can cameras be installed externally?

Yes but they need to be out of the weather, you may mount them upside down with bracket provided under an awning or similar.

Can I have pets in the house when the system is armed?

Yes if you upgrade to our pet immune sensors on the accessory page, they will just ignore pets up to 18kg and 60cm high.

Can I have the alarm on while home?

Yes. This is called ‘home’ or ‘stay’ mode. You have a button on your remote for this, or you can arm the system from the main console. In this mode all the magnetic door/window sensors are armed. A very good idea at night. You may also set up ‘odds and evens’ zones to have sections of the property armed or disarmed. (Downstairs?)

Can I use the system as stand alone without connection to the internet?

Yes, You will need a keypad or 4 button remotes.
Also base unit has a voice module which tells you ‘AWAY Mode’
‘Disarm Mode’ when using remotes or keypad

Do I need a landline or SIM card

Not for our internet version. Simply connect to base unit to a router with ethernet cable provided. You will need a SIM card for our new 3G version.

How do I know where to locate the sensors? Can I put them outside?

You Don’t need to be a professional installer for this, just use a bit of common sense
And… think like a thief. 🙂

Generally intruders look for a spot out of view from neighbours, mainly at the rear and side closest to the boundary.

Wooden doors are easily kicked in.

Sliding aluminium windows and doors can be simply pried open with a jemmy bar. (This includes so-called security doors)

Entry through roof is simple and quick. Simply sliding back roof tiles, climbing in and stomping a hole through the ceiling can do this.

Rooms with computers and games are vulnerable, as are garages and workshops.

Sensor in the hallway can cover intrusions from bedrooms.

Magnetic Sensors on doors and windows allow you to arm these points while you are in the home. This is called “Home Mode”

With our basic system we recommend one PIR at the entry, one PIR covering the rear entry and one in the hallway or room with valuables.

If installing door/window or glass break contacts, start with the rear entry/s and rear and side passage windows.

Please also check Outdoor PIR sensors on accessories pages.

How does the door/window sensor and glass break sensor work?

Door/window sensor has a transmitter plus magnet. Contact switch adheres to frame and magnet is fixed to door or window.

When door or window is closed, contact and magnet are together. If separated (by intruder) when armed, system alarms.

Glass break sensor works in a similar way, sensor sticks to glass and if it receives a hard impact or glass breaks, system will activate.

Major advantage with these sensors is the security system activates before the thieves get in!

I have ADSL at my premises and will have the NBN soon, any problems connecting your system?


I’ve heard that you continually have to change expensive nickel cadmium batteries in wireless sensors. Is this the case with Securepro systems?

No. The sensors consume close to zero power. They only need standard alkaline batteries and will alert you via App. when almost flat. (Batteries last about 3-5 years)

Is there any limit on how many sensors or accessories I can add to the system?

128 Burglar zones, 288  accessories, remotes, keypads, smoke detectors etc.

Is there any limit on how many wireless sirens I can add to the system?


There are many similar wireless systems on offer, why should I buy yours?

The answer is a bit long-winded but needs to be so because this is a very important question
In the past 15 years, we’ve been asked this many times, either straight out or.. by callers asking about our products. IE. have been looking around and have some questions, meaning (I’m sceptical and need to know if you and your products are genuine)
So here’s what I would like to say to callers but cannot always do so because it is considered bad form knocking competitors.
Our systems are manufactured in Taiwan, top 4 or 5 of countries for electronics. Our manufacturer has been in business for over 30 years just making state of the art wireless security systems.
98% of our opposition here in Australia buy from China. We have received hundreds of email offers from China over the years (including from all our oppositions manufacturers) offering similar products to ours at half the price.
We have always said no simply because we are a security company and not a toy store. So beware saving a couple of hundred dollars now and doing it all again in a year or two.
Thank you.

Warranty & Guarantee


We’re so confident you will be happy with our products, that if in the first 30 days the equipment doesn’t perform properly when correctly set up, just return it as you received it and receive a refund. Simply call us first.


All equipment carries a 3 years replacement warranty.

What does this mean?
We won’t waste your time repairing equipment. We will replace it.
Excludes damage caused by external forces.

What are Living Pattern charges

You can also download the ‘living pattern’ app and access your Securepro system, change all settingd, Arm, disarm, get event reports etc. For the complete service, its $88.00 per annum, payable 6 monthly, $44,00 You (and your friends) can receive alerts as well as emails for alerts and any problems. IE sensor low battery messages.

Note, The internet Securepro system is completely compatible with the NBN

What is a “PIR Sensor”?

PIR stands for “Passive infrared.” In the past, motion detectors caused an alarm from any movement detected within range of a sensor, such as curtain movement etc.


When a PIR sensor detects movement it also looks for an infrared signal. The object detected has to be a “living thing” before it will activate the alarm. All sensors have a Velcro sticky tabs, so are easy to install.

What is the main cause of false alarms?

Rapid temperature changes and spiders. Don’t install PIR sensors near wall vents or draughty areas or facing a sunny window. Often you may get tiny spiders and their webs on ceiling cornices, it’s rare but this can cause false alarms. Simply apply some insect surface spray occasionally and you won’t have a problem.

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