Securepro 3 piece system

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Securepro 3G 3 piece system. $390.00
Includes base unit and 2 PIRs.

  • 128 zone 3G wireless security alarm system Console.
  • System can monitor up to 280 Accessories.
  • Built in 100db siren
  • 6-10 hour back up battery
  • 200 metre range between sensors and base unit. (Measured in open space)
  • Easy setup
  • Insert a SIMCARD or just connect to your router
  • Control whole system with your smart-phone and Living Pattern App. (Optional)
  • Partial arming (home mode)
  • Name each sensor/accessory, IE Lounge.
  • Home automation, turn on lights and appliances with living pattern app.
  • All accessories batteries included.
  • Also check the system event log on your device
  • Easy to set up, just watch the videos.
  • View your own cameras via App.
  • Have pets? Upgradable to pet immune PIR sensors in accessories.

Product Description

Securepro 3G 3 piece system. $390.00
Includes Base unit, 2 PIRs,  plus free ‘Secureprosecurity’ app
Receive SMS to 5 numbers for alarms and even power loss. Arm/Disarm, turn on lights etc.