We recently updated our Securepro LS-30 Alarm System which was over 10yrs old without any problems, with the latest Remote Control System which gives complete control of our Securepro Security Alarm via PC or Webehome App installed on your smartphone or tablet. You can arm, disarm, activate home modes, receive reports plus many more options. This latest system is amazing and connection of sensors was very easy. Many thanks to Rod for his support when help was required and for offering this new system at an excellent price.

Warren S. Wollongong NSW

Have been absolutely impressed with the latest Securepro Security system.   The price, being wireless, quick delivery and an easy video online certainly started me off on the right foot.  I now feel secure and have had no false alarms and feel confident this should continue.  The base unit and all the accessories purchased are of great quality and Securepro have been such a help when I had a question.  When we move it will move with us – another great feature.  Living Pattern makes it so easy to self monitor and receive notifications.   Highly recommend the Securepro system.

Anne B. Geelong Victoria

Thanks for providing such an excellent product. I work in IT and have had my fair share of reading through complex instructions that are written in poor English and left scratching my head when it just doesn’t work or doesn’t make any sense. Having been down the cheap ebay security systems twice and learnt my lesson the hard way I stumbled upon your product and it was like a breath of fresh air. Not only was the ordering process easy, it arrived quickly. I got it all up and working in a matter of 20 minutes, the product does exactly what it is supposed to do with minimal fuss, no drilling, running cables or programming required. The after sales support is both prompt and informative. Thanks

David H. Laverton North VIC

My past careers have included electrician, alarm tech and software developer for an alarm company. Having played with countless alarm systems and many Chinese manufactured systems (that always have serious flaws), I have to say that this system is so far ahead of any reasonably priced self-installable system, I seriously believe it has massive potential. Congratulations on representing a very well thought-out and engineered system.

Gavin M. Mt. Perry, QLD

You were right when you said it would take me longer to put the batteries in the sensors than to program the Securepro system. Will be recommending it to all my clients in the future.

Clarry S. Superior Security Geelong, VIC.

‘Securepro’s service has been top notch, and the quality of the products is rock solid. I had a good experience with an earlier Securepro solution and was eager to adopt the new system which is leaps ahead of other solutions with internet connectivity. Top three selling points for me thus far: • I regularly arm or disarm my alarm using my phone, even from overseas. • I reset my home media centre remotely via an wireless receiver switch • Receiving alerts that my smoke alarm batteries needed replacing (via Living Pattern) My set up includes a PIR in every room as well as the garage, reed switches on 2 entrance doors, 2 smoke detectors and 2 wireless receiver switches. The main unit is atop a cabinet as I have no need for manual configuration. The main benefit in all this? I sleep very well at night, especially when I’m away from home."

Joseph Y Richmond VIC

Hello, I just wanted to post you a note as I have just purchase a replacement  Alarm System. The reason I wanted to let you know about the need to purchase a replacement is because my current older model SecurePro unit has finally died after 11 years of reliable service. This meant when it came to choosing what to replace it with, I didn't need to think about it much. Thanks for such a great Product, I can only hope that my new Securepro system will last as long as my original one. Best Regards,

Ben R Ferntree Gully VIC.

"You were right when you said the Securepro system was easier to set up than a VCR, it certainly has a lot of options so I’ll be changing a few things in the next week or two to get it ‘just right’ Thanks again and I will definitely be telling my friends about your excellent service and will refer them to your website. I honestly think after they have seen my Securepro system working, they’d be fools to buy elsewhere." Again, thanks very much."

Tony K. Dandenong VIC

"Just ordered an outdoor PIR for my Securepro system I installed a couple of weeks ago. Impressed with the easy set up and performance and would be happy to recommend. Keep up the good work!"

Keith M. Dapto NSW

"Just to let you know I have installed the Securepro security alarm system we purchased from you recently and it works brilliantly. Installation was a dream and the coverage is excellent. I personally worked in the security industry both for a company and 10 years with my own security company contracting to a major security company. Having seen countless alarm systems this is truly the easiest and most user friendly system I have seen in my time. Many thanks, I am sure my time spent researching and looking for an alarm system for my house and shop was well worth me ending up purchasing the system from yourselves"

Keith S. Grasstree Beach QLD.

"I can't believe the speed of your service and man, I'm impressed. If only I could rely on other businesses to provide service like this. Excellent and thank you again."

Dr. Gary F. Cardiff South. NSW.

..."I was looking for an economical way of providing security for our business. I am so glad that I came across Securepro Security. In fact, at first, it seemed too good to be true ... in fact, I was sceptical, but your good customer support and guarantee made me feel comfortable about my purchase. Now, we have not looked back ... the system was very easy to install and has been perfect for our situation, because we can pick up the alarm system and take it with us if/when we move. Thank you for offering such a great product at such a good price."

Joe R, Sydney, NSW

"After looking at the simple and very limited wireless alarm systems sold by Dick Smith Electronics and others, when I finally found SecurePro Security and your system I knew that this was the flexible security system I needed. I hoped that the testimonials about it were accurate, and placed my order. I was very pleasantly surprised when everything arrived safe and well-packed the next day. The documentation is well-written and easy to follow, as long as you don't get excited and rush into it. As an electronics technician, it was obvious to me that the whole system has been very well engineered. The electronics in the sensors is sophisticated and built to a high standard. I knew I'd made the right choice. Once the sensors were registered with the base and installed in suitable places, and the appropriate settings were entered using the PC software, the system functioned as advertised. The PIR sensors never false alarm, but are almost psychic in their ability to detect a person at a considerable distance. I decided to add more burglar and fire sensors and sirens, and once again you made sure that they were in my hands the day after I ordered them. Everything has worked perfectly and now I've got a system which lets me relax when I leave home, knowing that the system will SMS my mobile phone if anything untoward happens, as well as alerting the neighbours with its sirens. My only criticism would be that I found it very hard to stand near the top of a ladder and position the external siren so that it engaged with its mounting bracket. It's very fiddly and it could have been made easier to do. I hope the manufacturer fixes this in the future. I'd thoroughly recommend SecurePro Security to anyone who's seeking a good home or business alarm system. Remember, it's vastly cheaper to install an intruder alarm BEFORE you get burgled, than after you've been through the trauma of coming home to a ransacked house and had to work out which of your prized possessions been stolen, then contact the police and fill in all the insurance paperwork, knowing that you'll almost certainly never see your items again. So, many thanks  for providing me with this excellent system, and for your patience and help when I asked some silly questions a couple of times!"

Bob P, Carlton NSW

"Hi Rod, Have now had my Securepro system & many accessories for over 5 years. We are very happy with it as we advised before. The batteries are lasting up to 2 years as the system uses little power & still works fine through thick steel. With the computer age of Bluetooth & WiFi they all seem to work seamlessly without interfering with my securepro system. The prices I see you have them for now they seem to have gone down with more accessories included. Please add this to your testimonial page & please leave the original one also so people can see how long we have been happy with it"  

Alex F. Salt Ash, Port Stephens NSW

"We purchased the Securepro for our last property after doing significant research. The system was easy to install and use, required no maintenance (in the year and a half we were there) and (most importantly) worked extremely well. We were also very impressed with the price. We've now purchased another property and have just ordered another Securepro system to give us the same peace of mind the system provided us with at our previous home."

Matt L, Melbourne.

"I recently purchased a securepro system from Secure Pro, from the day I ordered the product to the day I received it was less than 48hrs. Everything arrived in perfect condition ready to go (it even came with all the batteries, screws and fasteners I could possibly need to get it up and running quickly!). Since the installation, I have had no issues, false alarms or reason to even consider sending it back. I have even ordered one for my parents which was also pretty simple (although a little harder) to install. I was absolutely blown away by the value, quality and the service of Securepro and there products. I have no hesitation in recommending Securepro and their products." Thanks again for all your help, I am very happy with my alarm and comfortable in the knowledge that if I have an issue, you will do all you can to help me out.

Anthony M. Taren Point NSW.

"Thank you for your terrific security alarm system. After obtaining numerous quotes, your system is by far the best for features and value. You have been very responsive to all my questions and have gone to great lengths to ensure my satisfaction. The system is now up and running and I now have peace-of-mind knowing that if the alarm is triggered, I will be notified immediately." ..."We have now had the  Alarm System since 2006. In that time the system has worked perfectly - no false alarms - no issues of complaint. I replace the batteries every 2 years. Your after-sales service is excellent - you answer any concerns I may have. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. Thanks again for this excellent product and service."

Warren S Wollongong N.S.W

"After a lot of research, I decided to purchase and install a Securepro alarm system and boy what a great choice! I have had the alarm running for 12 Months with no problems, False alarms etc. Order and freight to Tasmania was prompt and efficient, Item was well packed. I am sure in the near future a lot more Secure Pro systems will find their way into Tasmania. I would certainly be willing to promote them."

Kerry B. Burnie - Tasmania

"We recently purchased one of your securepro system packages and couldn't be happier with the result. We've checked out all it's stated features, all of which work extremely well. The thing we were most impressed with is the range of the PIRs, we've got two garages which we're protecting, and both are quite some distance from the console, which is picking them up with no problem. We also found it was much easier to set up than we thought it would be and your "Easy Installation" guide on the website certainly helped speed things along. All the equipment seems very well put together and "built to last". In fact we were so impressed, we showed this to a friend of ours and he and his wife have decided that the system is just the right thing for them too. So expect another order very shortly :)"

Richard B. Rhodes NSW

"Your level of service is impressive. Very happy with the alarm system !! Not to mention the peace of mind that goes with it :-) Cheers "

Chamal E. Westmead NSW

"I am very happy with the system I purchased (LS-30). I did a lot of research on home security and the cost involved. Your company beats the rest hands down, cost wise, system wise and the ease of installation."

Paul S. Gordon. ACT

"I have had Securepro system installed for almost two years now. It gives us great peace of mind knowing that we can leave the house knowing that our possessions are being securely watched over. We are now building a new room on the house and I made sure that the first thing purchased was another sensor. Thank you Securepro"

Mark A. Yungaburra QLD

"The system works really well, its good to have that peace of mind now knowing that if anyone does try to get access (particularly to the all important workshop and bar out the back!!!) that we will be notified. As with all the other testimonials on your website, we have had no false alarms and the system was a breeze to install. There has been no problems with the systems range, detecting sensors in 2 enclosed sheds out the back with ease. Thanks for a great system and for saving us $$$ in the long run."

Damien K. Waikiki. W.A

"Thought I had better drop a line and let you know how pleased I am with your service and great product.It was the best buying experience I have had on the internet. After finding your product and checking its quality and company background, I made a quick call to Securepro and was immediately impressed by their manner and professionalism. The next step was a simple bank transfer and to email the receipt, then my alarm system was on the way. 5 days later (over a weekend even), I picked up my order. I received everything I needed to just go ahead and plug it in. I learnt a long time ago to read the instructions before turning something on and found them to be simple and accurate. Within 1 hour, I had my whole place secure and operating faultlessly. Even my shed out back which was the reason I went wireless. It has been about 3 weeks now and we have not had any false alarms. I have tried to sneak in dozens of times to "check if it was working” and have set off the alarms and phones every time. Thank you for a great product!!! (PS. My mates are spewing who are stuck with monitored systems and paying heaps for call outs for nothing more than a phone call if the alarm sounds)ha,ha,ha"

John B. Canningvale W.A

"...This is my first ever testimonial to anything I have purchased. I bought the Securepro unit shortly after our house was burgled. We were looking for a monitored system although were reluctant to pay the $35+ a month most local security firms were charging for monitoring, then add to that $50 per call-out! The Securepro unit has been ideal. The unit arrived promptly (to NZ) and was well packaged with no breakage. Installation was a breeze, the instructions were easy to follow and everything was up and running in no time. We have a large house and so needed 5 sensors zones, and yet we haven't had a single false (or real) alarm in over a year, despite having the sensors set to max sensitivity. I have only just changed the batteries in the sensor units for the first time, and this was only precautionary. I have since ordered a keypad entry unit, and this also arrived without delay and was easy to install as an add-on. All in all, this is a highly recommended and effective security system..."

Stephen K. Wellington N.Z.

"...Rod, the unit has not given us an ounce of trouble. I was thinking only yesterday that the batteries may need replacing but the units still flash. No break-ins!"

Clive G. Broken Hill, NSW 10/3/04 (Purchased 11/12/02)

"...I thought I would write to you to express our delight with the recently purchased Securepro alarm system. As we run out photographic business from home, we need a comprehensive alarm system to protect our studio and equipment. After paying thousands for a monitored alarm system in our last studio, this time we wanted a better solution. We searched major electronic stores and the Internet and came across your comprehensive and easy to use website. One of the main features we loved about your system is that it will ring me and inform me of any problem. Despite the sophisticated operation of the alarm, it's easy to install by following the comprehensive instruction booklet supplied. How easy it is to operate with the key chain remote. For the price - you can't beat it!"

Bruce G. Choice Photography, Sydney

"...I'm really impressed with the system, which is now scanning our house, two large sheds and the telecoms equipment at the front of the property. I hope to get the extra door sensors today and hook them into the system. It's great! I just wish I'd had this gear BEFORE my house was robbed and I lost $45,000 worth of stuff. :-( Anyway, I have the locals getting together tonight to look over the unit and with luck may get you a few more orders. We want to lock down this street and stop these scum-bags in their tracks. Thanks again for the great service. Cheers!..."

Joe S. Morisset NSW

"...Just a quick note to say how happy we are with our Securepro system. How time flies, I can't believe it has been over 1 year now since buying it. We have not had any problems over this time, we still even have the original batteries in!..."

David and Meagan S. Upwey, Vic.

"...I would like to share my experience as a customer who bought a Securepro security system. I received the product in less than a week and it came packaged effectively to minimise any damage during the mailing process. The system does all that it's supposed to as stated in the Securepro web pages which is how I got to know about the product. Its strength is that it is easy to install even for non handy persons like me when instructions from the clear and non verbose manual are followed. I also found that the Securepro support staff very responsive and willing to help. It can also be fun installing your own security system as it gives you a sense of hands on involvement and control of the security of your own home/property..."

Kevin M. Prestons, NSW

"I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent support in getting my remotes going (you sent me a new PCB board). I purchased the alarm system from you seven years ago and to still get this level of support and service is an absolute breath of fresh air and a credit to you and your business, there should be more like Securepro."

Dominic F. Bosley Park. NSW

"...I purchased a Securepro alarm and I have not had any problems with it at this stage. I am now at piece of mind whenever I leave the house knowing that I will get a call on my mobile if the worst happens. I have always been reluctant to buy a "non-monitored" alarm for the obvious reasons.............nobody in this day and age takes notice of a "local" alarm system. If an alarm goes off these days most people ignore it as an nuisance to them. At least if my alarm goes off (And I pray it never gets to that) then at least I will be notified. Prior to purchasing a Securepro alarm I looked at other "local" alarms on the market and the cost of this system was much more affordable. Other local alarms are more expensive and offer less. If I had a problem with the initial set up of the alarm the supplier has been happy to help me over the phone to sort out the problem. My girlfriend purchased a system for her place and after seeing how it operated I purchased mine one month later. Thank you Securepro for putting my mind at ease."

Tony M. Adelaide S.A.

"...We have now had a Securepro System installed for over 6 months & have found it to be reliable. It was easy to install & configure. The batteries for the Wireless Sensors are the original one's I fitted & are lasting longer than anticipated as with most other Wireless Systems the batteries need to be changed Bi-Monthly. This System is especially suited being Wireless if you have a vermin problem where they could generally chew through wires. The System also in my application is great as we have a number of buildings & the Wireless Sensors work through thick steel & communicate back to the main unit..."

A & C Friggieri Salt Ash Port Stephens NSW

"...I purchased a wireless system from Securepro in October '02 and it is definitely meeting my expectations. I ordered the equipment through the securepro website and I received the package in full two days later. I had the alarm system up and running without a hitch and have had no occurrence of false alarm...."

Richard A. Paddington, NSW

"...I am very pleased with the new Alarm and all the additional components that I was able to purchase to meet all my security requirements for protecting my property. I have done some extensive testing with regard to remote dial facility and it's excellent. I wish to thank you for your prompt responsiveness in all matters. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...."

Dav M. Pymble, NSW

"...I think it is an excellent system that offers superior performance and flexibility as well as representing good value for money..."

Steve C. Scott Creek S.A.

"...Having looked at a large number of suppliers in Newcastle for a security system that would provide me with all the features I wanted. I did not find anything that would come anyway close to the Securepro System. Requiring it to dial my number if a break in was to occur, it has now provided me with up to 8 numbers it will automatically call, with different pre-recorded messages depending on the alarm type that has been activated, saving a fortune in back to base monitoring fees at $30 per month. The ability to turn it on at night for piece of mind, and still allow us to move around is a great comfort to know that we are protected from intruders should they try and break in. It's portability for us to take it with us if we move is great as it is radio controlled and so easy to install. Over all the unit is great and extremely economical. I installed it all myself in one afternoon..." I can really recommend it.

Ian G. Glendale NSW

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